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Use Cases

Any organization or individual developer that has a set of best practices for their projects can use projen to easily apply those best practices to new and existing projects.

projen's use cases are similar to other bootstrapping tools like Yeoman.

There are a couple of specific examples:

  • An organization that uses the AWS CDK across many repositories and wants a set of common dependencies, a predefined starting codebase with CICD pipeline, and GitHub Issue templates and PR templates.
  • An open-source Node.js developer that wants to use the same eslint rules, Typescript configuration, and publishing actions in GitLab for all of their projects.
  • A team at an enterprise that wants all of their repositories to have the same microservice architecture, husky hooks, and Swagger documentation.

If you've ever had to maintain common configuration across multiple repositories, then projen is for you. You can use as much, or as little, or projen as you want. A completely valid projen project type would only have a single file under management.