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How do I remove the license from my project?

Most projects provided by projen have a field called licensed, which is set to true by default. This field is used by projen to generate a LICENSE file for your project, defaulting to the Apache-2.0 license. If you are writing proprietary software and don't want a license file, you can set this field to false:

const project = new TypeScriptProject({
licensed: false,

What is this .projenrc.json file all about?

For very simple projects that don't need a full .projenrc file in a supported language, a .projenrc.json file can be used that contains the same configuration as the other formats.

A usage example can be found for the skill project for OpenVoiceOS (OVOS), an open source voice assistant. The managed project files can be updated by running npx projen, and the .projenrc.json file can be updated by hand.


Tasks cannot be defined in .projenrc.json files and must be updated manually.

How do I specify parameters when I create a project?

projen supports boolean parameters as flags when executing npx projen new commands. For example, to create a new TypeScriptProject with the stale option set to true, you can run:

npx projen new typescript --stale

String parameters or falsy values can be set as follows:

npx projen new typescript --mergify=false --authorName="Elad Ben-Israel"