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Rapidly build modern applications with advanced configuration management

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Build and manage your apps with confidence

Synthesize project configuration files from a well-typed definitions, written in jsii compatible languages reducing project configuration management fatigue, increasing productivity and confidence.

Available for these popular languages

  • TypeScript
  • Go
  • Java
  • Python

Extensible, customizable and adaptable

Tasks allow you to define commands backed by shell scripts. You can use tasks to implement custom workflows accessible through the projen CLI. Focus more on business requirements, less on managing project configuration.

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Built by developers, for developers

You’re not alone. Developers from all over the world manage their complex configurations using projen. Get started today and get these benefits:

  • Standard npm scripts like compile, build, test, package and more.
  • jsii: compile, package, api compatibility checks,
  • Fully synthesize package.json
  • Automated PR builds
  • Automated dependency upgrades
  • Bump & release scripts with CHANGELOG generation based on conventional commits
  • Node "engines" support with coupling to CI build environment and @types/node