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The Bundler component (for Node.js projects) can be used to produce JavaScript bundles from source files.

It is included by default in all projects derived from NodeProject.

To customize, use bundlerOptions:

const project = new NodeProject({
esbuildVersion: '^0.13.13', // default to "latest"
assetsDir: 'resources', // defaults to "assets"

To add bundles, call bundler.addBundle():

project.bundler.addBundle('name-of-bundle', {
entrypoint: 'src/foo.ts',
target: 'node18',
platform: 'node',
bundlingOptions: {
externals: ['aws-sdk'], // modules not to include in bundles
sourcemap: true, // default is false
watchTask: false, // should we create a "bundle:watch" task for each bundle